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“Mining Music at The Root”

Tomorrow’s musical gems are being crafted today in basements, bedrooms and garages across the country. As songs are refined, artists seek out music rooms, venues and stages to bring their music to life, and to the public.  “Mining Music” digs into these local venues to unearth original, hidden treasures and to hear the songwriter’s stories of how these songs came to be.

The first stop is a converted schoolhouse/church in Newbern, Tennessee “The Grass Root Music Theatre”. Proprietor and harpist Kenny Rogers, along with his wife Barbara, hosts Open Mic Nights, Special Events and Song Writers Series for the deeply talented musicians of West Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri and Mississippi. Musical friends of “The Root” share the impact the venue has had on the local music community and provide 12 original songs for the 14 song Soundtrack.

“Mining Music” takes the viewer to the artists home territory where they perform their original material on stages that support new artists and listening sessions.